OPR Emergency Contact Number
To Report Cars Blocking Crossings, Track, Equipment, Railcar or Locomotive Damage or Criminal or Suspicious Activity on OPR Property.
Also Emergency Contact for our Rail Customers and our Interchanging Railroad Partners.

OPR Business Office, Accounting Office & Shop
Rail Customers for Normal Business, Media and General Inquiries.  Also Inquiries about Special Events, Charters
Train Rentals, Film Locations & OPR Accounting.  Please Leave Message if No Answer.

OPR Business Office Fax Number

OPR Business Office Email
rasopr "at" gmail.com

OPR Events, Charters, Public Train Rides Email
brianmccamish "at" msn.com
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Oregon Pacific Railroad Company
The OREGON PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY is a family owned and operated freight railroad with two branch divisions in
the Portland Metro Area.   We serve the East Portland to Milwaukie area as well as the Canby to Molalla area.   For more
information about our company and our railroad including its vast history, please visit our main website below...

Brian P McCamish
Webmaster / OPR Extra Board
Email the Webmaster
brianmccamish "at" msn.com
For more information, please call our business office at 503-659-5452.   General Manager:  Tim Samuels.

Or email our passenger operations coordinator Brian McCamish  
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Our Route Map
$20 per passenger
Our Latest Schedules, Updates & Photos Can Be Found There!
Please note: Our ability to edit and update our website has been severely affected in recently months due to our  
webhost's software update that now requires a complete rebuild of our websites.   For the latest information PLEASE
check our Facebook Page linked above as the information on this page may not be up to date and reliable.  
Thank you.

Last update October 6, 2021
Portland Train Ride Schedule for October
Our summer passenger train schedule has now ended for the season.  However, we
are offering special late afternoon, evening & night time rides for the remaining
Saturdays of October, 2021.
October 9, 16, 23 & 30
All Trains Depart & Return to Oaks Amusement Park Station
5pm,   6pm,   7pm,   8pm

Oaks Amusement Park station is located at 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, Oregon
(directly across from the main Oaks Amusement Park pedestrian entrance, next to the Springwater Bike Trail)
Ticket prices are the same as our summer schedule.
$10 for teens/adults - $5 for children age 3-12 - Age 2 and under ride for free
Click below to book.
Oaks Amusement Park will be open on the weekends and certain dates in October as part of it's new ScareGrounds event
and extended fall Amusement Park hours.   The park will be open later hours than normal, which will vary between
3pm-midnight depending on days and events.

For this reason, we have moved our Saturday Train Rides to Oaks Amusement Park and are now offering a unique
experience with later than normal train rides.   Passengers will have the rare opportunity to ride the OPR on either a late
afternoon ride
(5pm) or a twilight ride (6pm) or one of two night time rides (7pm and 8pm).

All Trains will depart and return to Oaks Amusement Park Station and rides will last approximately 40 minutes round trip.  
The train will use the same locomotives and consist and our normal Summer trains and will follow the same route through
the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, along the Willamette River and Springwater Bike Trail.

The night time rides will offer unique views of the East and West Portland city lights and the Willamette River.   It will also
offer a very unique experience along Oaks Bottom, where there is virtually no lighting, which will compliment the Oaks
Park ScareGrounds Halloween Season experience.

The Train will not stop at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center as it will be closed during our hours of operation, but we will
pass into the OPR's Main Yards as far as we can travel on our railroad before heading back to Oaks Park.

For our regular riders, this experience will offer some rare mileage and very unique views at times of the day in which we
do not normally operate.

Our train will have some interior lighting and we will have a mixture of outdoor and indoor car seating.   Indoor car seating
cannot be guaranteed.   Please dress for the time of day and weather and having a flashlight on hand is recommended.
Be sure to check out all of Oaks Amusement Park's October Events so you can plan the
best trip to include our train ride and Oaks Amusement Park at the same time

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